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Brunch & Lunch Menu

Brunch & Lunch Menu

Titos Greyhound/Salty Dog 6 | Titos Screwdriver 6 | Mimosas 6 | Endless Champagne 10 | Titos Lighthouse Bloody Mary 9


Start your brunch with our assortment of fabulous french pastries! 9

or try our Cinammon Sugar Sopapillas 8

Our Bennies

Additional Offerings On The Side



Add Chicken 6 | Add Sliced Filet Mignon 15 | Add Shrimp 8



All sandwiches served with choice of kettle chips or thin cut fries

Ocean, Grille & Pasta

Our Local's Classic Favorites


12 & under

Includes soft drink and choice of fries or fruit
*Milk or juice available for an additional charge

There is a risk associated with consuming raw oysters or any raw animal protein. If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach, or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greatest of illness from raw oysters and should eat oysters fully cooked. If unsure of your risk, consult your physician.